Here’s what you missed at SVVR

Here’s what you missed at SVVR

This year, we’ve had the pleasure of working deeply with those in the technology and VR community to drive progress in the world of experiential commerce. A large part of that has been through amazing conferences like SVVR. Here are our takeaways from the conference.

Wide Spectrum

One of our favorite parts of the conference has been meeting the wide spectrum of consumers and industry attendees who all share a passion for exploring new technologies and possibilities. It’s been refreshing to work with this community of enthusiasts, technologies and business leaders. SVVR does a good job of establishing a healthy mix of upcoming companies as well as much representation from established industry, HTC, Samsung, Unity, NVIDIA, Intel, etc participating at the conference. With a growing attendance size, year over year at SVVR, it’s clear that there is increasing participation and interest from a growing number of parties.

We’ve seen a lot of different use cases of VR in different industry verticals. While some of this work is still exploratory for businesses, we are seeing 360/VR experiences being leveraged as tools that can be used to solve problems, rather than just being the standalone solution. The possibilities for applications are widespread in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, travel, real estate, construction and more.

Hardware in VR

We enjoyed interesting talks exploring the possibilities of hardware in VR through HMD, cameras, video capture, streaming. Additionally, new software, in particular, has enabled platforms for content, game, app creation.  

While the VR wave is here, there is still much work to do to in bringing VR mainstream where every person owns HMD and content. Outside of gaming, content creation is still a big hole for companies to fill. In part, this is due to hardware needing to catch up to user expectations at lower prices and increased usability (higher frame rate, tethering).