Use Case: Booking a Property Stay

Use Case: Booking a Property Stay

As summer and peak travel season approach, having a platform that distinguishes your property from the rest will be paramount to maximizing your bookings and your brand.

Today, when someone recommends to you a place to stay, the first thing you do is look it up online. Most research for any experience begins with a simple search on the internet. So, having a digital presence is paramount if not a requirement for success. However, when it comes to websites, the ability to authentically and uniquely showcase your customer experience reaches a dead end two-dimensional imagery and superfluous information.

For those individuals looking to book a resort, or a boutique inn or a luxury hotel, the limits of the internet present a challenge for making important decisions. For businesses looking to leverage what make their property special– like the stellar service that your concierge provides, the hand selected décor of each room, or the exceptional customer experience that makes guests want to return every season– websites and social media can only go so far.

EveryScape’s experiential commerce platform allows you to capture and share the full experience of your property for loyal and prospective guests.

Give guided tours to each prospective guest:

Transform a real environment like your hotel, inn, resort or home into virtual scapes so customers can experience your physical premises as if they were there. Regardless of business hours, customers can experience what makes your property right for them.

EveryScape makes booking with groups especially easy:

Guide guests as they make key decisions like choosing between a double room or a suite, on the spot. Our ScapeChat feature allows you to virtually walk through the property and converse with them during their vetting-process.

It’s the little things that make a difference:

Like the complimentary breakfast or the poolside on-demand service or a personalized welcome note and gift basket when you arrive at your room. Highlight those experiences with viewers online via your scape.

Embed extra features within your scape that highlight your property vibe:

Insert a playlist, a photo gallery or a promotional video. Visual and audio enhancements can leverage some of the more nuanced details that make your property special and stand out in the crowd.